Due to the current health crisis, we have a requirement that all swimmers provide a copy of the signed waiver as well as proof of vaccination. For those not vaccinated, we are asking for a negative COVID-19 test result.

Details will be provided by a coach, please feel free to reach out by email with questions. Our requirements may change according to the current situation. 




What are the return to pool requirements if I have been ill?

 If you have had a fever and a cough, but then get better without COVID-19 testing or medical care, you will be allowed to return under the following conditions:

  • Three days have passed since recovery, which means the fever is resolved without the use of fever-reducing medication and respiratory symptoms have improved; and

  • ·At least seven days have passed since you first experienced symptoms.

If you have been medically confirmed to have COVID-19 you may return to the pool if:

  • The fever (it there was one) has been resolved without the use of fever-reducing medications;

  • The respiratory symptoms (if any) have improved (cough or shortness of breath); and

  • You've have had two negative COVID-19 tests.

During 2020 and for part of 2021 past we had temperature checks, one person per lane as well as lane sign-ups. We do not anticipate returning to those protocols, but if the pandemic situation warrants a change, we will act accordingly as our goal is to keep all swimmers safe while maintaining the team environment.


At this time we are are not required to wear masks when entering and exiting the pool and parking lot.
(Updated March 2022)